Zenial Urban and Rural Development Society is a registered, non governmental, non profitable, non political, secular, self aided and social welfare society formed by a group of professionally-qualified social workers from different reputed institutions, educated locals, having real interest and the commitment to serve the people of different religions, languages and especially the locals who are in need. Research India is an organization of private individuals who believe in certain basic social principles and who structure their activities to bring about development to communities that they are servicing. Research India has a long history of active involvement in the promotion of human welfare and well being.


               We will tirelessly for that day when your digestion per picdae urban or rural poor people to create ‎educated, self-employed and                        would strengthen economically. Everyone will lead to the creation of ‎the New World.


             Inter dependent and self-sufficient for one person to own hidden inside the internal energy with ‎which we will continue to encourage                the development. As long as they do not become completely ‎self-sufficient.

                                                                                     Managing Committee:

Mr. Sunil Kumar Maurya S/o Shri Dasharath Maurya is the Chairman of organization. His duties and responsibilities are:
  • To preside all the meetings with approval of the director.
  • To meet, talk, negotiate and collaborate with any individual, group, company, association or government body in favor of     the association.
  •   To be responsible for all the files, register, records and communications.
  •   At the time of voting on any matter / subject (except election), if the total votes of the groups of members happen to be equal in number,  the chairman has power to cost and extra votes to decide the matter / subject.
  • To allow inclusion of any matter / subject in agenda for the discussion in the course of proceeding / meeting

Miss Neelu khan D/o Late Nanhe Khan is the secretary of organization. Her duties and responsibilities are:
  • To edit and manage the daily activities of the association.
  • To watch and manage the movable and immovable property of the association.
  • To arrange general body and managing committee meeting.
  • To receive permission of the specified proposal in the meeting.
  • To exercise financial and administrative power.
  • To allow the expenses under the sanctioned budget.
  • To appoint, dismiss make permanent or promote any employee.
  • To receive loan, donation, resources from various government/non-government, national/Indian bodies.
  • To sign all the bills, vouchers, cheques, notes and orders.
  • To take disciplinary action against the undisciplined members or office-bearers.
  • To act as chief functionary of the association for meeting and implementing the necessary activities with various government, non government, national/ Indian bodies.
  • To give decision in odd situations.
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